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Da Bac Cave, the fairy cave


Da Bac Cave is truly a creative masterpiece of art, a subtle combination of sculpture and painting, between majesty and grace. Da Bac is located not far from Xuan Mai town, Lien Son commune nowadays, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province.

Da Bac Cave is also known as Fairy Cave.

Folk legends in the region said that, in ancient times, the fairy in the heaven felt bored of the scene of the fairyland. One day they decided to down to the earth to witness the beauty of this land. The beautiful scene under the sky made them passionate and lost to the Lien Son Da Bac cave. The beauty of the cave makes the fairies surprised. The stalactites shimmered, the curved arches undulated curve. All of these things kept them feet, they didn’t want to return to the heaven again. Ngoc Hoang was angry and closed the sky door letting the fairies on the earth. Year after year, the fairies have been transformed into cliffs. From then on, Da Bac is also known as Fairy Cave.

Da Bac Cave located in the heart of Pai Day Mountain (also known as Hang Beo Mountain). This mountain looks like a giant frog, half sitting, half jumping. It is 65 meters long, from 4 to 8 meters wide, 1.5 meters to 15 meters high, with many small rooms. The cave entrance is not very large, just before it is the paved road leads visitors deep inside the cave.

Entering the gate, visitors will not avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by a forest of stalactites loping, each block of white silver, hovering like bunches of flowers are hunched, sometimes look like a chandelier splendidly colored. When the light shine, the rocks suddenly bright up to reflect the blue, red, purple, yellow light. From here, follow the paved road inside the cave about 6 meters up to see a gap that is the way to the Fairy Cave.

The cave is higher than the main platform, nearly 2 meters, climbing 10 steps, visitors will encounter the ceiling with many stalactites hanging down, combining into many bands, soft winding like a velvet curtain. Some stalactites lop and point to many sides, hanging suspended from the ceiling. The magic here is at the foot of the stalactites, the flowing water many years formed two beautiful natural water lake. Inside the lake is a system of miniature terraced fields. The banks of the terraced fields are swallowed, carved to be extremely lively carvings. In the rainy season, water from the stalactites, from the small ceiling to the terraced fields filled with water as if the preparation for the new season.

Going inside the cave, visitors will find the cave shrunk as small and mysterious as the bedroom, the slender stalactites softly falling looks like a wind curtain. Going deeper, there are blocks of stalactites shaped like the yellow iridescent flowers vasts, externally carved delicately and meticulous. In addition, at here nature also shaped blocks of stalactite shaggy like gac, durian, sometimes like beehives hanging, starfruit, etc. Below the cave are dozens to hundreds of stone pillars like rice dunes, golden mountains, silver trees, horned elephant head, rhinoceros head and flowing waterfall.

A little deeper, under the domes is the range of stalactite as being covered by the silver in the middle of the world the strange shapes, both real and virtual for visitors to feel like in the overwhelmed mystical arch heaven. Looking up at the ceiling of the cave, I am shocked to see the lively image. Prominent is the image of fairy on the cliff surface, on the opposite of the cave, the cliff is printed in the shape of a dragon with a flying posture on the water wave. Higher and wider is all the people and visitors come here to admire the beauty of this mountain.

Initially, the door was only a small slit just a person in, after discovering in the cave that there are many beautiful stalactites with many shapes to create interesting imagination, local people have opened the door to enter.

To help the visitors to enjoy the beautiful scene, in recent years, the Management Board has installed lighting system in the cave, repairing, paving the way in the cave. Since the discovery, Da Bac Cave has welcomed many visitors to visit every year.

Can Tho Orchard


Can Tho is considered to be the key economic and tourist center of the Mekong Delta, so when thinking of Can Tho, people often refer to the lavish and popular with famous attractions in Can Tho city center such as Ninh Kieu wharf, Cai Rang Floating Market. However, many people are not surprised to discover that Can Tho has many orchards with fresh fruit all year round. In recent years, Can Tho garden tourism extremely developed and attract more and more visitors.

First of all, there are fruit orchards in Phong Dien district, Can Tho city. Phong Dien district is about 16km south from the center of the city, running along 3/2 road, across the bridge to Cai Rang bridge turn right to Phong Dien district. This is a place famous for many kinds of fruits, plants, specialties, and activities in the South.

Here, there are many orchards to serve visitors such as My Khanh orchard, Ha Chau orchard garden in Nhon Ai, Vam Xang tourist garden, 9 Hong fruit garden, etc. Along the way to the garden. , tourists will see many kinds of fruit trees are alternately planted such as plum, mango, rambutan, jackfruit, mulberry, durian, guava, longan, mangosteen, tangerine, grapefruit and many more kinds of fruit. All of these things create a cool green space with the sun ray through the foliage which gives visitors feel very relaxed.

In the garden, depending on the owner, the visitors will have different forms of sightseeing, but usually, visitors will have a fee ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 VND when visiting the garden to enjoy the fruit in there. If you have the need to buy the fruit, you must contact the owner of the garden to buy, because the purchase in the garden so the price is often much cheaper than the market price. Buying cheap fruit with high quality attract almost anyone to visit the garden to buy a lot to eat or as a gift to relatives and friends.

Due to the characteristics of fruit trees, visitors will enjoy the seasonal fruits. Often when people eat the fruit in the right season, they can feel the delicious, characteristic taste of them. Due to this feature, visitors should contact the tourist site beforehand to find out which fruit season they are in for a suitable visit. But almost all year round, the garden also lavishes the fruits. Especially, through many years of experience in tourism, the local people pay special attention to the quality of fruits, so they absolutely do not use plant protection drugs and only use self-made insect traps. Or they can wrap the fruit so visitors can be completely assured about the safety issue.

Besides enjoying the fruits, visitors also have a chance to join activities associated with the daily life of the Southern people such as learning how to row (a typical means of transport that the people of South Vietnam Follow use for transporting). While sitting on the canoe you can pick fruits and eat there. It could be more interesting, visitors also can try to be a real farmer through the activities such as plowing, fishing, walking on the monkey bridge, etc. After a dip underwater catching fishes and shrimps, the visitors can ask the owner of the garden or process their own work to enjoy.

In a cool green garden, the air is cool with the sound of the insect, the birds scrambled on the branches, the visitors can enjoy the idyllic Southern Vietnam dishes and talk together. The activities of the people in the orchard are more interesting when you can learn many things from nature. Don’t hesitate to have a backpack and go immediately to have this wonderful experience.

Speaking of horticultural tourism, we can not ignore the experience of visiting the isles. Islet is like an island on the river so if you want to get there, you must travel by boat or ship. Coming to Can Tho, visitors should try exploring Con Son once – an ecological tourist, newly formed garden but very popular. To land on Con Son, from the center of Can Tho city go along the National Highway 91.

Arrive at the Co Bac wharf (Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy district), visitors travel to Son island by boat for about 5-10 minutes. The fare is about 10,000 VND per passenger. Con Son with a relatively small area of about 70 hectares located in the center of the city with about 100 households live, therefore, visitors can visit all places of this islet. The climate is cool and the land is fertile so people here mainly develop gardening combined tourism business from the end of 2014 to the present

Travel to Conwy Valley North Wales


Wales is a country belong to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Wales shares border with England to the East and Ireland sea to the North and West, and Bristol strait to the South. Talking about Wales, we will imagine a romantic and tranquil land with beautiful nature, ancient palaces and vast flower fields. There are many places you cannot miss when visiting this beautiful land such as, Conwy valley, Cadair Idris mountain, Green Man, Aberystwyth town,  Cennen Carreg, ST Fagans museum or Snowdon mountain…

Cadair Idris is the biggest mountain in the Southern Snowdonia. You will see a stunning landscape and an ancient area.

Green Man is a folk festival which is a combination of American and Indie music operating in the straight three days with art performances, meetings…

Aberystwyth is a university town located on the west coast of Wales which has a Victoria architecture. The weather here is quite cool and the town is not populous.

Conwy valley is a small town since Middle ages which is surrounded by the most beautiful wall in the North Wales. Conwy has about 200 close together.

Cennen Carreg is the most romantic relic in North Wales which is isolated on the field. This palace saw a wonderful history of this area.

Trefriw: is a long-standing village which produces some of types of Welsh tapestries and tweeds.

Amongst above places, Conwy valley is considered as a “must-visit” in your trip to United Kingdom in general or North Wales in particular.

The beautiful land of Conwy Valley

Is well-known for its beauty, Conwy Valley has a river flowing through down to river gate then flowing into Liverpool bay. The town of Conwy is protected by a wall and dark-stoned castle show up a wonderful medieval atmosphere.

When to go to Conwy Valley

The weather in Conwy Valley is quite temperate. During the summer, it seldom gets hot but it is very cold on the top of mountain ranges. The climate here changes quite little, but on the mountains, temperatures vary much.

During June and September, Conwy Valley enjoys sun so this is considered as the best time to visit this land. However, if you want a reasonably good weather with fewer tourists, April, May, September and October should be chosen.

How to travel to Conwy Valley

Heading out to East you will see the North coast proper where the valley of Conwy and charming Llandudno are the best destinations.

From London, you can take an hour trip on train to reach the border of England and North Wales. After that, buy a ticket for the trip to Conwy Valley. The train goes along Conwy river through tree lines, green hills and valleys with beautiful landscape.

Getting around

Local bus/train: it is very easy to use bus or train here. Just take timetable from their websites or tourist information center.

Some public transport for your use including: Conwy Valley railway line, North Wales Rover, Explore Wales Pass or Snowdon Sherpa…

How to get Conwy Valley North Wales from Vietnam

Wales is a small land but very attractive to all tourists including Vietnam travelers. Currently, in order to reach Wales, we have to take flight from Hanoi or Saigon to two international airports for Heathrow and Gatwick in United Kingdom, from here we can travel by car or train or flight to Cardiff then again private car, train, local bus or taxi to Conwy Valley.

To get more information about tours in Wales, Vietnam travel or UK, just use search via Google, you can find many suitable tours.




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