Wales is a country belong to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Wales shares border with England to the East and Ireland sea to the North and West, and Bristol strait to the South. Talking about Wales, we will imagine a romantic and tranquil land with beautiful nature, ancient palaces and vast flower fields. There are many places you cannot miss when visiting this beautiful land such as, Conwy valley, Cadair Idris mountain, Green Man, Aberystwyth town,  Cennen Carreg, ST Fagans museum or Snowdon mountain…

Cadair Idris is the biggest mountain in the Southern Snowdonia. You will see a stunning landscape and an ancient area.

Green Man is a folk festival which is a combination of American and Indie music operating in the straight three days with art performances, meetings…

Aberystwyth is a university town located on the west coast of Wales which has a Victoria architecture. The weather here is quite cool and the town is not populous.

Conwy valley is a small town since Middle ages which is surrounded by the most beautiful wall in the North Wales. Conwy has about 200 close together.

Cennen Carreg is the most romantic relic in North Wales which is isolated on the field. This palace saw a wonderful history of this area.

Trefriw: is a long-standing village which produces some of types of Welsh tapestries and tweeds.

Amongst above places, Conwy valley is considered as a “must-visit” in your trip to United Kingdom in general or North Wales in particular.

The beautiful land of Conwy Valley

Is well-known for its beauty, Conwy Valley has a river flowing through down to river gate then flowing into Liverpool bay. The town of Conwy is protected by a wall and dark-stoned castle show up a wonderful medieval atmosphere.

When to go to Conwy Valley

The weather in Conwy Valley is quite temperate. During the summer, it seldom gets hot but it is very cold on the top of mountain ranges. The climate here changes quite little, but on the mountains, temperatures vary much.

During June and September, Conwy Valley enjoys sun so this is considered as the best time to visit this land. However, if you want a reasonably good weather with fewer tourists, April, May, September and October should be chosen.

How to travel to Conwy Valley

Heading out to East you will see the North coast proper where the valley of Conwy and charming Llandudno are the best destinations.

From London, you can take an hour trip on train to reach the border of England and North Wales. After that, buy a ticket for the trip to Conwy Valley. The train goes along Conwy river through tree lines, green hills and valleys with beautiful landscape.

Getting around

Local bus/train: it is very easy to use bus or train here. Just take timetable from their websites or tourist information center.

Some public transport for your use including: Conwy Valley railway line, North Wales Rover, Explore Wales Pass or Snowdon Sherpa…

How to get Conwy Valley North Wales from Vietnam

Wales is a small land but very attractive to all tourists including Vietnam travelers. Currently, in order to reach Wales, we have to take flight from Hanoi or Saigon to two international airports for Heathrow and Gatwick in United Kingdom, from here we can travel by car or train or flight to Cardiff then again private car, train, local bus or taxi to Conwy Valley.

To get more information about tours in Wales, Vietnam travel or UK, just use search via Google, you can find many suitable tours.


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