Trefriw’s Village Hall

Revamped in 2004, the Village Hall is the centre of many of the villages functions.


Village Hall

Trefriw Village Hall

The present Village Hall as we know it has gone through a few changes over the years. Some information gathered is detailed in the following passage. If anyone can add to this or in fact correct if necessary, please contact Linda Hughes via the Trefriw web site.

Protestant preachers in the 19th century were persecuted and had to go into the hills to preach but even there they were driven away by protesters.
A lady from Gwamanog Farm, up the Crafnant Road allowed the people to use the farm but as the congregation grew they began to assemble on the present site of the Village Hall which as that time was a workshop of a weaver’s cottage. Is it said that the mud floor had such a slope that the short people stood on the high ground and the tall on the low so they were all at the same height.

Then there was what is known as a “happening of 59” when the increase in worshippers called for a larger worshipping place. The people applied to (we think) the Carrington Family who owned Gwydr Estates at that time. They were given permission but with certain rules attached. One was that the building had to be plain and not draw attention to itself, and the other was that it was not to be taller than the houses around. Because of this it is written that the floor had to be dug down a “yard”. The Hall was completed in 1861 at a cost of £560 and was used until 1881 when the present Ebeneser chapel was built. This was built on a small piece of land promised by the Lord of the Ancaster Estates and cost £1646.15s 6d

Trefriw Village Hall

Trefriw Village Hall

There used to be a galleried section in the hall but unfortunately it became unsafe and had to be taken down, but many people in the village still remember with delight the Christmas parties and Carol Concerts held in the Hall viewed from the gallery.

The present building became a Public/Village Hall around 1881 . It became a registered charity in the 1960’s and was, and definitely still is, the hub of the Village. It is very well used by locals and people down the Conwy Valley for many activities to suit all age groups. It is leased off Conwy County Borough Council and they are responsible for the outside of the building, we take care of indoor maintenance etc. When the lease first came about I’m not sure but it was leased in the 1960’s. This could have been the time when the extension was built with toilets plus the kitchen area at the back.

Trefriw Village Hall

Trefriw Village Hall

In 2003 we were successful in obtaining a Community grant from the Lotteries Commission for £57,000. This enabled us to improve and adapt the hall for less abled people and upgrade the kitchen etc. A plaque was unveiled by HRH the Prince of Wales on 12th July 2004 as part of his official visit to the Village after the severe flooding in Feb 2004 and the Hall was officially re-opened by Lord Dafydd Elis- Thomas on 25th September 2004.

You can imagine that the building can tell so many stories, it would be lovely to travel back in time and be a fly on the wall. We are really pleased that it remains in such demand today. The activities within the Hall include Youth Club, Badminton, Tai Chi, Darby & Joan Club, Historical Society, Gardening Club, Country Market, Art classes, Childrens’ parties, concerts, and the opportunity is there for Business courses etc. Please check the Notice Board regularly for news of future events.

A book was written by W.G.Roberts in March 1935, called “ Ebeneser Trefriw” his son Gwylm still lives in the village. A picture of the original chapel is shown above, with two chimneys!